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Altus Assessments creates and delivers robust assessment methods for academic programs to identify top applicants more easily and defensibly.

Our Product

CASPer™ (Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics) is an online Situation Judgment Test (SJT) designed to assess an applicant’s personal and professional characteristics.

The CASPer test is delivered at TakeCASPer.com

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How CASPer Works:


Timed written responses based on video scenarios probe for applicant character


Each scenario evaluated by a unique rater, resulting in robust applicant scoring


Numeric CASPer score allows easy, defensible candidate ranking

  • Measures key personal and professional characteristics

    Soft-skills include: ethics, empathy, communication, collaboration, resiliency, advocacy, etc.

  • Video scenarios and written self-descriptive questions

    12 sections include unique situational judgment testing (SJT) scenarios and 3 probing questions

  • Time Limited Responses

    Applicants give 5 minutes to respond to each set of scenario questions resulting in authentic, unfiltered responses

  • Robust scoring technique

    Each scenario evaluated by a unique rater, removing rating bias and resulting in broad based, robust applicant scores

The Benefits:

  • Turnkey solution

    Direct your applicants to takecasper.com and receive simple, easy to use results

  • Best-in-class predictive validity and good reliability

    Field-tested with over 10 years of data proving efficacy

  • Easy access for applicants

    Delivered online so you can screen thousands of applicants efficiently

  • Research based, effective predictions

    Best in class predictive performance – far exceeding traditional methods (interviews, reference letters, personal statements)

  • Extensive track record

    Successively screened over 25, 000 academic program applicants since 2010

Sample CASPer video scenario

Questions to the Applicant:

1. What do you tell the other employee – go ahead and give the refund or abide by store policy? Justify your answer.

2. Assume you advise the newer employee not to give the refund, but she does anyway. Do you report this to your supervisor? Why or why not?

3. If you were asked to establish a policy for a new store around refunds, what aspects would you take into consideration?

About Altus Assessments

Our Approach

piechartAt Altus Assessments, we strive to simplify the applicant assessment process, while simultaneously making it more effective.

We focus on high-throughput assessment methods to evaluate an applicant’s personal and
professional characteristics.  Current assessment methods for these traits are mostly unreliable and poor predictors of graduate success. In the medical profession alone, a lack of professionalism is a $50 billion (US) problem – accounting for 92% of complaints.

Our products are developed from over a decade’s worth of rigorous academic research on assessment methods for the personal characteristics critical to professional success. At Altus, we continue to refine our products every year with on-going research by top academics in the field. Our products have successively screened over 25, 000 applicants since 2010, and we are on track to screen an additional 25, 000 applicants alone in 2015.

Our History

Positive personal characteristics and professionalism are vital to have in high-stake professions, yet they are also the hardest to measure. When the assessments that determine our abilities are unreliable and delivered in an non-equitable manner, we cannot truly know how people are performing. This fails applicants, academic programs, and our society as a whole.

These assessment issues have driven co-founders Harold Reiter, MD MEd (co-creator of the MMI Interview) and Kelly Dore, PhD – internationally renowned researchers in admissions and assessment to formulate a series of fair and effective methods of selection. Their assessment methods are now used in a variety of prestigious professional training programs.

They began by conducting rigorous research to identify important personality and behavioural traits. From there, they developed testing and assessment methodologies to assess an applicant’s suitability to professions that require a great deal of empathy and emotional maturity.

Altus Assessments now offers this research-backed testing (CASPer™ in particular) to schools as a turnkey, cost-effective way to allow applicants with the difficult-to-teach soft skills to stand out from those who perform well on strictly academic measures. We are committed to developing less resource-intensive, robust, and holistic tools to better predict student success, so programs can focus on developing the next generation of high-performing professionals.

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