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Casper is a unique situational judgement test (SJT) that uses video-based scenarios, timed questions and open text responses to assess an applicant’s people skills.


Snapshot is a brief video response tool that helps programs get a sense of an applicant’s communication and interpersonal skills before inviting them to a more in-depth interview.

Case studies

What our partners are saying

New York Medical College logo
Fern Juster, MD
New York Medical College
“Casper tells us something about applicants beyond their metrics. When used in the pre-interview screening phase, it gives us reliable information about an applicant’s behavior, judgement, and character.”
Florida State University logo
Thomas Morgan
Florida State University
“I think we’ve finally got a process that works for us. I’m much more confident in the quality of students we’re bringing into the program and Casper plays a huge role in that. Without a doubt, other programs would benefit by using it too.”
Massey University logo
Eloise Jillings, PhD
Massey University
“The clear benefit of Casper is that it does not cost the institution anything. It’s not time-, personnel-, or resource-intensive for the program to run. The fact that we can rely on Altus Assessments to do all the legwork for us, and then utilize the processes put in place by their team, is a huge benefit.”
McGill University Logo
Aparna Adig, PhD
McGill University
“I believe Altus has done a great job setting up the test, a high level of support, having engaging and varied content with good effort to represent diversity.”
Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine logo
Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
This was our first cycle using Casper and it was an easy transition thanks to the support we received from Altus. All scores were given in a timely manner so we could meet all of our decision deadlines. We learned a lot about our candidates through their Casper results and believe we will be able to achieve our goal of creating a diverse student community with the skills and aptitudes necessary to make a positive impact on the veterinary profession.

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