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CASPer is an online test used by admissions teams to select applicants holistically by assessing their people skills that are critical for professional success.

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Our partners include over 200 academic programs

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Get an objective measure of your applicants’ non-academic skills using CASPer.

More than 200 academic programs across the globe use CASPer to help identify the best suited individuals for admission interviews or program admittance. Easily combined with traditional academic admissions metrics, CASPer provides unique insights with an evidence-based approach.

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The CASPer Test

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Online Assessment

Fully web-based assessment delivery

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Applicants can take the test online from anywhere in the world

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Reliable and scientifically proven validity

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Assesses People Skills

Ranks applicants based on success criteria or competencies that are important to programs and professions with an emphasis on helping others

CASPer falls under the umbrella of situational judgement testing and is made up of twelve sections. Of those twelve, eight sections include video-based scenarios and four sections are made up of written diverse, everyday scenarios. Each section is followed by three open-ended questions.

Applicants watch a video and are given three situational judgement-based questions with five minutes to respond. The time limit is to encourage authenticity. The questions and situations are based on research that started in 2005. No answer is wrong, but every answer is measurable.

For applicants, there is nothing to worry about or to study for as the assessment is truly about the “why” of their answer, not just the “what”. Their empathy, professionalism, judgement, communication, and other people skills are given a chance to shine.

For admissions, there is a chance to validate, change, and improve your applicant rankings based on a true, and reliable view of their personal skills.

See how CASPer helps

Selecting the right applicants can be difficult. Current selection tools, like personal statements and standard interviews lack evidence, are resource intensive and can do more harm than good. Make sure you admit the right applicants to your program with the right tools.

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Implementing CASPer

Program makes CASPer an admissions requirement at no cost to the school.

We work with the program to schedule CASPer test(s) for their applicants.

Program directs their applicants to

Applicants sign up to reserve a test date and time for a small fee, then go on to complete the CASPer test.

Program receives applicant results to use in their admissions decisions.

Applicants to professional programs need to be strong academically and professionally. Admissions officers have the challenge of deciding who fits this criterion. Unreliable and non-data-driven admissions tools make it almost impossible to know if an applicant will be successful. This is why the Altus Assessments founders spent fourteen years developing CASPer.

CASPer helps partner institutions by providing an objective evaluation method, showing an applicant’s overall people skills and does so repeatedly and reliably.

For admissions officers, CASPer offers a reliable tool for your holistic assessment approach. How you fit the data into your overall process is flexible, but you know the results can be trusted.

For applicants, this is a true measure of people skills and professionalism. Acting as a complement to your existing admissions process, CASPer taps into an applicant’s abilities to navigate challenging situations, focusing not only on “what” they would do but also the “why”, to understand their intrinsic values and underlying belief systems.

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