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Student taking the CASPer test

Understanding the CASPer Test with Practice Questions

Altus Assessments is continuously offering insights into the CASPer test with sample questions and a full practice test. Sample videos and question sets are available on both the CASPer and Altus Assessments sites to give partner institutions and applicants an in-depth look at the test, and help them understand the nature and structure of the questions.

The CASPer test is designed to assess an applicant’s people skills and then provide admissions teams with a measurable result. The test has two main end goals. Firstly, to help admissions teams better understand their applicant pool, so they can build a cohort of students who will succeed both academically and professionally.

Secondly, applicants are given a chance to accurately demonstrate their non-academic skills. With the ability to show their people skills and professionalism through their results, applicant’s can find a program that truly fits their strengths.

CASPer Practice Test For Applicants

Once applicants create their TakeCASPer account, they are given access to a full 12 section CASPer practice test. This practice test can be found in the system requirements check section.

Since the CASPer test is designed to measure an applicant’s people skills, it is not something that can be studied for. However, applicant’s can and should prepare well in advance by completing the practice test and system requirements check, as it helps familiarize applicant’s with the format and ensures that their computer is correctly set up to run the test.

The practice CASPer test is the perfect way to ease applicant’s concerns and make sure they are fully prepared, and know what to expect, come test day.

CASPer Sample Questions

Another great way for both applicant’s and future partners to familiarize themselves with the test is to take a look at some sample CASPer video and question sets.

An explanation of how the CASPer test works, and an overview of the test format, can be found on the Altus Assessments website. This is a great place for future partners to start when beginning the journey to integrate CASPer into the admissions process.

For applicants who are getting ready to take the CASPer test, tips on how to prepare for the test have been combined with video based scenario and questions sets, as well as word based scenario and question sets, on the TakeCASPer site. There are also “Test Day Tech Tips” to make sure applicants are fully prepared.

These tips and question sets are a great way for applicants to get more insights on the test and get some practice on viewing, or reading, CASPer test questions and understanding how they will be expected to respond to each one in the 5-minute time limit.