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Employee Spotlight: Jeevika Goyal

This month, we’re excited to introduce Jeevika Goyal, Business Development Representative (BDR), as our December employee spotlight! 

When asking the Business Development team to describe Jeevika, words like energetic, friendly, next-level great, driven, and warm are just a few that are used. It’s hard not to be instantly drawn to Jeevika’s infectious personality, and feel comfortable talking about anything and everything, from her love of traveling to trends in business, or programs that she’s connecting with at Altus, she’s always got a great attitude and a willingness to share her experiences and expertise. 

“Jeevika is the perfect spotlight for this month! She’s so knowledgeable and willing to help out whenever she can. She also has a knack for making everyone feel super welcome and supported. The BDR team would not be the same without her and I’m so glad to get to work with her.”
– Courtney, BDR

Jeevika was born in a small town in North India, and started her post-secondary education at the University of the Fraser Valley, a Canadian university with a satellite campus in India, before transferring to the University of British Columbia to finish her degree in Business. Once completed, she travelled back to India and worked at the University of the Fraser Valley in Student Affairs and Marketing. The program was small, and she was tasked with recruiting students and collaborating between the campuses in India and Canada. Jeevika has the ability to talk to anyone about almost anything, so although the role was challenging, she excelled and helped grow the program in India, and beyond. 

Travel has always been important and a passion of hers, so Jeevika moved to Hong Kong for a year-long contract as a teaching assistant at the Open University of Hong Kong. She describes Hong Kong as a great blend of east and west, and ended up staying for over two years at her job because she enjoyed it, and the city, so much! During this time she was able to travel to countries across Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. Showing pictures from her many trips, there are palaces, rice paddy fields and exotic foods experiences that pepper her numerous adventures!

In late 2018, Canada was calling her back (despite the cold!) so Jeevika started applying to jobs where she could use her experiences both professionally, and personally, to make a big impact. Looking for a fast-paced and growing company that would give her autonomy to make decisions and be able to make a difference, her focus was on scaling companies (like Altus!). With initial plans to settle in British Columbia, she applied out of curiosity to Altus. When she got the notification that the team wanted to interview her, she did the interview on a layover while in Toronto, and never left! 

Jeevika is bright shining star in our lives! She leads by example in holding all of our core values at the forefront of her work and non-work work! She has a wealth of experience and knowledge from accounting to navigating insane travel plans and is always willing to share – she is an incredible teacher and I feel like we learn something new from her every day.”
– Julia, Business Development Manager

With her background in university admissions and recruitment, Jeevika has a unique perspective on the challenges that programs face when selecting candidates, and this makes her the perfect fit as a BDR. Being a BDR also fulfils another passion of Jeevika’s: travel! She gets to travel throughout North America, speaking with programs about the impact the CASPer test can have on the admissions process. Meeting people face-to-face allows Jeevika’s personality to shine, and just like many of us are drawn to her sunny disposition, so are our customers! When asked her favorite place that she’s visited while working at Altus, she answered Lancaster, Pennsylvania because of its cozy, artsy, small town feel. Her ability to thrive in giant megacities like Hong Kong and then being comfortable in small towns gives her talking points with whoever she meets – from Deans of Admissions to applicants themselves. 

When Jeevika isn’t working, she’s exploring! Having been in Toronto for just over a year, she’s constantly finding new restaurants and cafes to try while exploring all the neighbourhoods of Toronto by foot. And when she’s at home, she’s cooking and baking up a storm: this month we’re having our Altus Holiday Potluck and can’t wait to taste what Jeevika is cooking up! 

Thank you Jeevika for making Altus a more curious and caring place to work, we wouldn’t be the same without you!