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Employee Spotlight: Zamina Datoo

For our first spotlight of 2020, we’re so excited to introduce you to baker extraordinaire and someone who has made such a big impact in her short time with us: Zamina

Born in East Africa, Zamina spent her early years in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, before moving to the Greater Toronto Area when she was seven. Though she does not remember that much about her time in Tanzania, she remembers the amazing street food: mangos with chili powder, grilled meat and cassavas, corn on the cob, bungo fruit – a smorgasbord of fresh food that was produced locally.

After completing high school in the GTA, Zamina enrolled in the University of Toronto (Scarborough), where she majored in English and Health Studies, which she found immensely fascinating. She remembers studying the different outbreaks of serious diseases such Ebola and SARS around the world and how countries managed to put a halt to their spread. Her best piece of advice to avoid illnesses is a classic – “Wash your hands. It’s said a lot, but that’s because it works”, Zamina comments. “Masks on the other hand, still let in particles that make you sick”. 

Before she came to Altus, Zamina not only ran her own e-commerce store called Luluwaah (Lulu means ‘pearl’ in Arabic) where she sold accessories, but she also worked at a small financial company, where she used analytics software to develop their policies and procedures. While she gained a lot of knowledge at her previous job, Zamina felt it was time for a change. Luckily in September of last year, when Altus was looking for a Revenue Operations Coordinator, her skillset and past experiences were a perfect fit, and she joined the team! 

“Humble, kind, curious, patient, hardworking and awesome are just a few of the words that quickly come to mind when I think about Zamina. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and we would be completely lost without her.” – Julia, Business Development Manager

So what does a Revenue Operations Coordinator do? When asked Zamina said that her role was constantly evolving with the company’s growth. Right now, she’s working with three teams – marketing, sales and customer success – providing them with essential forecasts and data analysis to make strategic decisions. In the few months that she’s been here, Zamina is also our resident Salesforce expert, her work integrating all of Altus’ programs together means we get better data and can be more productive in our day-to-day tasks.

Of the three Altus values: caring, curious and driven, Zamina feels that curious resonates with her the most. She explains that she feels Altus truly supports her stepping out of her comfort zone to achieve professional growth. Here, she feels excited and energized when she faces new challenges as Altus gives her the support to take creative risks when implementing the solutions she’s conceptualized. Plus, there’s always someone to bounce ideas off of, as the revenue team is diverse! 

“Zamina is one of the sweetest and warmest people I’ve had the chance to work with. I truly don’t know how we would have gotten through the salesforce migration without her.” – Kaylie, Head of Customer Success

Zamina is an avid globe-trotter, and has experienced things during her travels many of us only dream about. Travelling invigorates her, as it makes her realize how much more there is to learn. In the past years, she’s visited the Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando, where she had a blast admiring the space rockets and equipment. Cuba, where she hiked in the mountains and had fresh coffee ground from the beans growing in that mountain, and Abu Dhabi, where she had breakfast with the giraffes in the zoo! “They were so cute when we were eating together, but near the end one of them sneezed, so nothing was edible anymore”, she recalls. Still, she thought it an amazing experience, made even more memorable with that comical ending.

This year, she hopes to travel back to East Africa, where her father has started a charity, Care Aid Africa. Located in Kibaha, Care Aid Africa builds schools and hospitals, as well as maternity and eye care clinics that educate the community on common but preventable conditions! She’s plans to hold a fundraiser to buy school supplies for the kids as well as sponsor their education before they go. 

Thank you Zamina, for making Altus a great place to work!