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Experts in Selection

Social recap from ACGME 2020

By Tony Vlismas, Director of Marketing

We left Toronto in a snowstorm, but arrived in San Diego with the sun, as we joined over 4,000 members of the GME community at this year’s ACGME Education Conference to discuss, share, and inform on the latest in med ed.

The Altus Team at ACGME: Dee, Alecia, me, Bri, Becka (not pictured: Andrew — the tallest of the bunch)

We met so many great people, but also learned a lot at the various sessions. Here’s a roundup of our favourite socials from our marketing team:

Quote of the day

Of course it wouldn’t be a very good social post without at least one bouncing video:

There was an amazing, touching, and very inspirational fireside chat with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who’s accolades include being a proud immigrant, a mom, paediatrician, public health advocate, author, and the whistleblower who widely blew open the entire Flint water crisis.

We were at ACGME to help program directors select better candidates more effectively in the UME to GME transition

We are developing an innovative selection tool exclusively for GME that addresses your need to screen large numbers of applicants while gaining insight into their professionalism, personal traits and program fit. 

We want to hear from you!

We invite you to help us address the current challenges with GME selection together by joining our Altus GME Working Group, or simply to stay up-to-date on progress. 

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