Transparency in admissions, part 3

Strategically analyzing assessment data

You might be collecting more data these days to help improve your admissions process, but how do you analyze all that data so you can make your decisions with confidence?

In our third and final webinar in our Transparency in Admissions Series, Dr. Alex MacIntosh, Research Manager and Scientist at Altus Assessments discusses:

  • Common data analysis methods and what to consider for each of them
  • How to understand and interpret predictive validity studies for specific assessments
  • The typical process and timelines when conducting research with Altus

About the speaker:

Dr. Alex MacIntosh PhD, is the Research Manager and a Scientist at Altus Assessments. He previously conducted research at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto. Alex completed a dual PhD degree in Health Science from Paris-Saclay University and Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toronto. His doctoral work focused on integrating feedback and coaching strategies into new rehabilitation technologies for children with disabilities. With 10 years of experience applying research design and statistical methodology, Alex is most excited about helping others make the most of the information around them.

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