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Published research


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2021 applications are now open. Submit your Letter of Intent today!

What is the Alo Grant?

The Alo Grant is an annual $100,000 research grant built to accelerate the creation of new research that will strengthen the global admissions community. We are investing in individuals or departments to initiate and complete a research project in one of three streams:

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General Admissions

Promotion of projects that focus broadly on all aspects of admission in the professions. This may include work that focuses on the advancement of admissions-related knowledge to improve the quality of recruitment, screening, and selection in professional programs.


Promotion of projects that focus primarily on the role of the Casper test in admissions in the professions. This may include work that focuses on the impact of Casper and other non-academic metrics evaluating the incremental value in the admissions process, and longitudinal outcomes in-program and beyond.

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Promotion of projects that focus on diversity and inclusion in the field of admissions. This may include research that identifies or strives to eliminate systemic barriers that impede career advancement, or fosters recruitment or retention of underrepresented groups in the professions.

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Feel like your research could benefit from the Alo Grant?

Are you an innovative researcher looking at general admissions best practices, Casper-specific research, or diversity as it relates to recruitment and retention?

The first step of this application is submitting a Letter of Intent ahead of March 19, 2021. If the LOI is accepted, you will be directed to proceed with the rest of this submission.

Please submit your LOI or any additional questions to:

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