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What is Casper?

Casper is an online, open-response situational judgement test that evaluates what an applicant would do in a tough situation and, more importantly, why. Applicants have five minutes to respond to a set of questions for each video or text-based scenario.

These responses are then reviewed by Casper raters, a diverse group of people who undergo extensive training on Casper and implicit bias. Each applicant is rated by multiple raters (1 rater per scenario) so that the final aggregate score you receive reflects diverse perspectives.


years of research


video and text-based scenarios


minutes each to respond


Casper score

See how it works

Selection made easier

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Casper scores can be used to screen applicants in or out of any stage in your selection process. In combination with Duet “fit” scores, it can help you prioritize applicants for your limited interview spots so you use your time effectively.

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Evaluate applicants for “fit” by understanding how their values align with your program’s to help identify great applicants for interviews or offers.

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Further probe applicants’ communication skills and motivation with a short video-response tool when you need an additional data point or a tie-breaker.

Each unique assessment focuses on different competencies and attributes, but they work together to paint a more complete picture of your applicants.

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Tying it all together with Altus Insights

Altus Insights helps your program do more with your assessment data. You can access and download Casper test scores, sort and filter applicants, visualize score distribution patterns to inform decisions, and request demographic analysis so you can understand the make-up of your applicant pool and their performance on Casper. Serving as a single access point for your team, you can control who has access and work together to review the data in one spot. It’s our first step in building a comprehensive toolset for your program to look beyond book smarts and make the best possible people decisions.

Your applicants benefit from Casper, too

More affordable than other standardized assessments

Online format means applicants can take it from anywhere in the world

Helps level the playing field by looking beyond just their grades

Measures the competencies they need for the real world

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Casper’s core competencies

Casper's 10 constructs: collaboration, equity, empathy, ethics, communication, problem solving, professionalism, resilience, self-awareness and motivation

Casper provides data-driven, objective insights into an applicant’s non-cognitive (people) skills. It provides you with a well-rounded look at an applicant’s non-academic abilities by measuring 10 key competencies: communication, empathy, resilience, professionalism, equity, ethics, collaboration, problem-solving, self-awareness, and motivation.

Altus Assessments has carefully aligned and mapped constructs to frameworks such as the AAMC Core Competencies, CanMeds and AITSL Teacher Standards and Guidelines.

Key Features

10 constructs

Measures 10 non-cognitive competencies


Responses rated by a highly trained and diverse group of people


Programs given a single z-score and percentile for each applicant


Easily sort, filter, and visualize Casper score data


High test reliability (0.75-0.95)


Proctoring and other security protocols in place during the test

Learn even more about Casper:

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Why use Casper as part of Altus Suite?

Working together

Each assessment works seamlessly together


Validate your decisions with evidence-based assessments


Understand the data with Altus Insights

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