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Careers at Altus Assessments

At Altus Assessments, we believe in building a team that cares. Cares about the company, the product and each other. It’s not every day you get to work on a product that will impactsociety for the better and it takes a special team full of curious and driven individuals to make it all happen.

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Important information:
Please note that Altus Assessments does not post job listings on Kijiji or Craigslist and if you have been contacted by a gmail email address claiming to be an Altus recruiter, please report that user. We will never never ask a candidate or new hire to purchase equipment or send money to Altus to secure a position.

Feel free to reach out to if you are unsure if the job you are applying to is legitimate


Our vision is to create a world served by exceptional professionals.


We do this by empowering decision-making about future professionals based on research and data-driven insights.

Our Values

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We are Caring

We deeply care about the well-being of those around us, including our colleagues, applicants, academic partners, and Altus itself.

We are Curious

We encourage experimentation to feed our innate desire to learn and to push our company forward. We view each failure as a learning opportunity for future success.

We are Driven

We aspire to be better than we were the day before. We strive for excellence and aim to produce our best work that helps us achieve our company vision.

Company Culture & Perks

Our culture and perks are put in place to ensure that our team loves the environment they work in.

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Generous Vacation

Take what you need!

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Development Fund

Find a course, hobbyor lesson and it’s on us!

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Referral Bonuses

Recommend someone you trust, get rewarded.

What our Team Members are saying


“When I tell my friends about where I work they always get caught up with the fun stuff Altus does, like Taco Tuesday, the social events or even the fact that Altus buys you dinner when you stay late for test support. However, the thing you don’t realize until you start working there is just how genuinely supportive everyone is.”

– Ian, Applicant Support


“The Altus team is welcoming. It’s a great place to intern because there are great mentors here who want you to develop your own skill set!”

– Eartha, Marketing and Operations Intern


“As a software developer, I feel that my opinions on the direction of the product are valued. We are consistently encouraged to experiment with new and interesting technologies – this culture of continuous learning is enshrined in various company activities and benefits, such as in-house hackathons.”

– Steve, Software Developer


“With Altus, I have had many opportunities to grow with challenging and fulfilling work, and when I desired a change of direction in my career, I felt secure that I had the support of my team and management to make it happen!”

– Leah, Quality Assurance Specialist


“I value Altus because it has provided me a space for constant learning. Working here has been an absolute pleasure – from the people to the nature of our work, there is an overarching desire to learn more and really care about what we do!”

– Tanya, Customer Success Manager

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