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Executive Team

Kelly Dore

Kelly Dore, PhD


Kelly Dore is an Assistant Professor and Senior Scientist in the Program for Educational Research and Development and the Departments of Medicine and Obs/Gyn.

Harold Reiter

Harold Reiter, MD


Professor Harold Reiter completed his medical degree at the University of Toronto, his specialty training at Princess Margaret Hospital, and his Masters in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Rich Emrich

Rich Emrich

Co-founder and CEO

Rich is the founding CEO of Altus Assessments and a Biomedical Engineer by training.

Darryl Kraemer

Darryl Kraemer

VP of Sales

Darryl is the Vice President of Sales of Altus Assessments and holds a B. Math from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Bernard Lim

Bernard Lim

Chair of Board of Directors

Bernard is our Chair of the Board. After multiple leadership roles in corporate multinationals, Bernard founded a medical devices company and as CEO led its growth and subsequent sale to a global pharmaceutical.

Matt Holland

Matt Holland

Board of Directors

Matt is an independent director on our Board. He spent the first part of his career with The Boston Consulting Group working with client teams on growth strategies and organization design.

Our Teams

Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success Managers are the face of the company when it comes to our partnering institutions. We’re their main point of contact and are in charge of ensuring our partners have everything they need to be successful with CASPer.

Kaylie Greaves

“We get to build real, lasting relationships with our partners. We meet them in person as frequently as we can, enjoy getting to know them professionally and even personally, and get to be the ones to help implement a tool that saves them time and removes a lot of uncertainty. Nothing beats the exclamation marks and smiley faces we get in emails from our partners.”

Kaylie GreavesHead of Customer Success



We do everything from preliminary introductions to CASPer, scheduling tests for applicants, and getting the institution set up in our platform.


We help our admissions teams determine the best way to incorporate CASPer into their admissions process.


Partners know what they need more than we do. We communicate these needs back to the rest of the team, whether it’s to the product, software, or operations team.


The way we do things on the CS team changes each month. CSM’s help determine what the team can be doing differently to deliver more value and more timely information to our partners.

Marketing Team

The marketing team at Altus plays a vital role in communication. Communication to the tech community, admissions community, our partners and the applicants taking the CASPer test. We take pride in knowing that our message has been heard loud and clear. We are the definition of a cross-functional team helping support sales, product, operations and customer success.


“Marketing plays a fundamental role in supporting and sometimes driving initiatives across the company. I truly enjoy working with so many different teams on various projects, whether it’s a campaign to support sales, communication to test takers, or an event for the community, it keeps our team busy and engaged.”

Diana Ibranovic, Product Marketing Manager



Understanding our partners and potential partners is an art. We listen, learn and refine our strategy based on what we hear from those in the admissions space. We value the human side of marketing so much that we treat it as our foundation.


We strategize, plan, execute, track and analyze. We use data on what’s worked and what hasn’t to inform everything we produce. We combine these analyses with what we’re hearing from the market to tailor each campaign.


We work really closely with the sales team, like really closely. We understand each vertical and strategy behind it. We drive messaging and produce marketing assets to help support each sales team member.


We attend several trade shows in higher education that require planning, developing supporting assets, and getting a little creative to ensure we stand out from the rest!

This year our team is excited to be delivering the first-ever Admissions Summit; a conference for healthcare admissions professionals in Toronto. We are responsible for the full execution of the thought-leadership event. 

Operations Team

The Operations Team is responsible for turning the wheels on all things CASPer test. From content generation, to test operations, to grading and results delivery, we make the CASPer test happen for tens of thousands of applicants every year. Our team works together to provide a seamless and supportive test experience for our applicants, while striving to improve our processes and be better, every step of the way.

I look forward to going to work every day! On the Operations team, there are endless opportunities for experimentation, collaboration, and learning. But, the best part is that I get to work with an incredibly talented group of people driven to make a positive impact, who are not afraid to ask tough questions or take risks, and never hesitate to offer a helping hand.

Amanda Ruppert,
Senior Operations Coordinator – Content

We look after:


Using years of research, evidence-based practices and subject matter expert engagement, our team develops all test content for the CASPer test, from scenario idea generation all the way through to video production and question development.


A lot of work goes into the construction and quality assurance of a CASPer test. A seamless applicant experience starts right here with a flawless, well-delivered test, made uniquely for them.


With the help of a large, external rater pool, each CASPer test is graded by a group of diverse, well-trained individuals who share the intrinsic interest of helping to identify well-rounded students that would make great professionals. Our internal rating team maximizes for efficiency and quality, to turn around results in a fast and reliable manner for our academic partners.


The applicant support team is the face of CASPer for our applicants. From the moment an applicant hears about the CASPer test, to the delivery of their results, we strive to ensure a positive applicant experience at every step along the way. We are committed to providing a fair and reliable test for all applicants, while going above and beyond to meet their needs.

Product Team

Our product team is highly invested in creating a reliable and scalable online assessment. We are here to make our partner programs jobs easier through automation and validity, while ensuring we have a product that applicants understand and trust.

Alecia Fowler

“OUR FAVOURITE… Office Item: whiteboards and sticky notes tied for first place. Team: Development…but don’t tell the other teams! Question: Why? Day of the week: Mondays…there’s a whole week of possibilities ahead. Slack Channel: Customer Success for the customer feedback, and Eyebleach for the dog photos”.

Alecia Fowler, Director of Product

All in a days work:


We collaborate with our research, sales and marketing, operations, development, and customer success teams on a daily basis. We are always experimenting, and gathering data to see what’s possible and to challenge what we already know.


We constantly ask why and monitor the business along with the customer needs to ensure we are working on the right things at the right time.


We are borderline annoying with our need for feedback, we are always asking our colleagues questions and getting them to try things out. We love a good plan but we also like to throw the plan out when needed.

Research Team

The research team is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the CASPer test, while also making continuous improvements to the assessment based on data and empirical research. We strive to be forward-thinkers, constantly looking for ways to fill the gaps in the current medical school admissions process to create better physicians for the future.

“Personally, I really enjoy building relationships with partners at universities around the world.   It is great to see how digging deep into how a particular program works can lead to interesting and helpful insights. As a team, we care about making sure assessments are reliable and will meaningfully impact admissions and professional development. We love discussing how the content and process of assessments  contribute to finding people who are exceptional both academically and personally””

Alex MacIntosh PhD, Research Scientist



Over 200,000 applicants have completed CASPer, which means we have a lot of data to work with. We continuously keep ourselves up-to-date on industry best practices in psychometrics to maintain the high reliability and validity of CASPer, so schools and applicants can be confident that the scores are as accurate and fair as possible. We’re also guided by our mission to promote diversity in medical school, so we also strive to mitigate any indication of test bias that may arise through the construction and rating of the test.


With over 160 programs adopting CASPer in their admissions process, many of our partner schools generate their own ideas about various research projects on admissions. As our primary goal is to improve the admissions process to ensure programs are gathering a more holistic view of their applicants, we conduct research on every step of the admissions process in collaboration with our partner schools.


Everyone we work with, whether it’s internal or with our partner programs, come with varying degrees of subject matter expertise. It is our role to ensure that what we know about assessment and admissions is accessible to the general audience, whether it’s through internal team meetings, conference presentations, or blog posts, we want to get everyone excited and engaged about the work that we do.


Researchers need to keep a close pulse on their research community to ensure that they are staying ahead-of-the-game and are working on projects that resonate with their intended audience. This requires our team to constantly monitor all the top journal articles to be in the know about all the cutting edge research that is coming out of medical education. We attend numerous conferences each year to interact and engage with the thought leaders in this field so that we continue to stay ahead of the pack.

Sales Team

Each member of the sales team is a relationship builder – curious and driven, we work to educate programs on how they can select for holistically stronger applicants. Even more, the sales team is constantly learning about the unique challenges faced by admissions professionals. We hear it first hand and value the information we gather.

Julia Pylat

“Sales at Altus is unique in that it isn’t just about outreach. You’re more likely to get measured on how many smiley faces are in your inbox versus the number of cold calls you’ve made. Our partners are everything. That’s why we value travelling to speak to them face-to-face. Nothing beats an in-person conversation!”

Julia Pylat, Business Development Representative Manager



With every touch, whether it be a phone call, email or webinar we aim to educate programs on the research and tools available to them to improve their admissions process. We take everything we can get from our product and research teams and turn it into digestible information.


We understand changing processes that have been in place for sometimes decades can be difficult and daunting. Our team works with each and every program to help guide and support them through the steps needed to make positive changes with their applicants in mind.


Each team member strives to be the first person a program wants to talk to when they want to learn more about our product. The secret to this is not so secret…we build and maintain strong relationships through meaningful on-site visits, fun receptions and inspiring presentations.

Software Development Team

The Software Development team delivers all the platforms for CASPer –  different web applications for administering, taking and rating the CASPer test, and also distributing the results. Another large focus of the team is to engineer all the platforms to meet capacity requirements.

“Every week brings a new set of interesting problems to solve for the development team. Whether it is implementing new features for our applicants, or architecting backend processes we all work collaboratively together to figure out a solution that is elegant but simple. We are an expanding team that encourages growth as an individual which makes working within the development team and Altus as a whole a great place to be!”

George Guja, Senior Software Developer

Our team is:


We are here to help each other grow and are committed to the team’s success. We adopted a “no-ego” culture and are always open to better ways of doing things.


We encourage each other to explore new technologies and bring in new ideas. We don’t paralyze our progress based on any ideology. We welcome experimentation and make the best decision given the constraints. We are always open to further improvement.


We are growing and continuously improving our best practices. We deliver good quality products without compromising commitments and/or schedule.

We are looking for people who share the same values and want to be part of an exciting team where we can build a future together.

What our Team Members are saying


“Altus has given me the chance to grow and progress in my career. Starting as a BDR and moving to Marketing has been an exciting experience. I’m challenged everyday trying to find solutions for our team.”

– Diana Ibranovic, Product Marketing Manager


“I’ve found there are no limits to what you can accomplish here at Altus Assessments. I’ve been given a lot of freedom to experiment with my own ideas/suggestions and I get to see them come to fruition with the support of my team.”

– Cynthia Auyoung, Product Manager


“Having been here from the very early days, I’ve had the opportunity to see where our technology has been able to go. Leading the development team allows me to help shape our tech stack in an innovative way.”

– KJ Chabra, Software Development Manager

Ashley Henderson

“Working at Altus has given me the room to lead many of my own projects which is my passion. The work is always challenging and exciting!”

– Ashley Henderson, Senior Operations Coordinator, Project Lead


“Company growth at Altus has enabled them to hire me as their first creative designer. I love how fast-paced and ever evolving my role has been, being able to design materials that have an instant impact both internally and externally. I’m excited to work on ever defining our brand to reflect the multiple evolutions that are sure to come.”

– Klark Relleve, Creative Manager