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Programs across North America and Australia have integrated CASPer as a requirement of their admission process, providing them with easy to use and reliable measures of a candidate’s personal and professional characteristic. Combined with existing knowledge based measures (GPA, standardized test scores), CASPer helps programs make more informed and data-driven admission decisions, resulting in stronger, higher quality students and graduates. (click for list of all partner programs)

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The Price of Poor Professionalism

There is a great deal of research within medicine around the cost of poor professionalism, showing that the majority of medico-legal complaints are due to professionalism issues; not knowledge-based issues. A clear link has also been made between issues in the classroom and issues in the professional world. It follows that these issues also likely exist in most other professional programs including education, business, nursing, engineering, and dentistry.


What Priorities Drove CASPer Development?


1 / Validation

Ensuring we maximize the reliability and meaningful prediction of
future performances.


2 / Access

Geographic, differential, and financial backgrounds, not adding
unnecessary barriers.


3 / Data Driven

Continuous research including QA/QI and collaborations with our
partnered institutions.

Reliability and Predictive Validity

Reliability and predictive validity are both necessary for tools used in high stakes admissions. Both are scored between 0.0 – 1.0. Reliability reveals whether a test can consistently discriminates between high and low performers and should be above 0.6.

Predictive validity reveals whether the test correlates with future endpoints and admissions tools tend to be in the range of 0.3 and 0.5. Both are necessary and can be found in the CASPer test in research done in medical education admissions.



CASPer ranges from 0.7 – 0.8 making it a very reliable assessment.



Predictive Validity


CASPer gives additive value over MMI (and other measures of personal/professional qualities).

A more effective and manageable admissions process

We ensure the CASPer test is as easy as possible for programs to adopt.


1 / Program adopts CASPer at no cost

No cost is charged to the program.
Altus Assessments charges the applicants directly.

Contact us to get started


2 / We organize and give the test

Simply direct your applicants to and we’ll take care of administering the exam.

See an example test situation


3 / We provide you with usable data

Altus Assessments collects and
organizes the results before passing them to you directly.

See the case studies

CASPer Adds No Cost to the Program

After adopting CASPer, simply direct your applicants to We charge each applicant a small fee to take the test directly; there is no charge to the program. This pricing model minimizes barriers to those sensitive to application costs, providing institutions with a full range of applicants. We can also accept fee-waiver programs, if they exist.

Contact Altus Assessments to learn more about the CASPer exam

One of our CASPer team members will be happy to answer all of your questions and walk you through an informative webinar if interested.

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We promise not to share your information, and will contact you within 1 business day.