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What is Duet?

Altus Duet, a fit assessment to help better understand what's important to applicants compared to your program.

“Fit” is a critical component in selection, but it’s often assessed in a way that risks bias. With Duet, programs have a standardized, objective way to find applicants whose values in a program more closely align with their own.

Key program stakeholders complete the assessment to generate a Program Profile, which is compared with each applicant’s own ranking of values and priorities, resulting in “fit” scores for each applicant. Duet is currently available for US GME programs and as a pilot for US UME programs.

How it works

Selection tool

Program stakeholders generate a “fit” profile that ranks your values, priorities, and differentiators

Selection from applicants

Applicants complete the same assessment in which they select the characteristics they most prefer in a program

Fit assessment Score

Programs receive automatic “fit” scores of applicants for all categories as well as applicant rankings

Selection made easier

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Screen applicants for non-cognitive competencies like ethics, empathy, and collaboration using Casper test scores.

Duet logo

Leverage Casper results and the Duet fit scores to identify the best applicants to interview based on the strength of their personal and professional attributes and how well they align to your program.

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Further probe applicants’ communication skills and motivation with a short video-response tool when you need an additional data point or a tie-breaker.

Each unique assessment focuses on different competencies and attributes, but they work together to paint a more complete picture of your applicants.

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Tying it all together with Altus Insights

Programs can access their program profile as well as applicant fit scores and rankings through their Altus Insights account. Programs can also review and combine score data across all three assessments in Insights to inform who they bring to interview or select for final offers. Serving as a single point of access for an admissions team, Altus Insights offers advanced user management controls to support collaboration on these applicant reviews.

Duet in Altus Insights, helping programs better understand their applicants fit

Your applicants benefit from Duet, too

Applicants can take Duet from anywhere, to assess how they fit within a program

Helps applicants and programs
find where they’re most aligned

Applicant taking the Altus Suite on her bed

Only takes about
15 minutes to complete

Key Features

Standardized measure of fit between applicants and programs

Standardized measure of “fit” between applicants and programs

Raters and stakeholders for Altus Suite

Program profile developed by your key stakeholders

Built on evidence

Built on evidence (modified Delphi and literature review)

Program characteristics developed with programs

Program characteristics developed in partnership with programs

Automatic scoring

Automatic scoring and comparison between your applicants and your program

Fit scores reported across categories

“Fit” scores reported across distinct categories

Learn more about “fit”

Why use Duet as part of Altus Suite?

Each assessment works together to create the picture of an applicant

Each assessment works seamlessly together

Validate your decisions with evidence-based assessments

Validate your decisions with evidence-based assessments

Understand applicant data with Altus Insights

Understand the data with Altus Insights

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