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Higher education admissions is constantly evolving, and in these times of change, professionals in this space need a trusted and reliable source of information to help improve their selection process. To support this vital community, we’re providing research grants, virtual and in-person events, and an online resource center to help colleges and universities around the world look beyond book smarts and create a world serviced by exceptional professionals.

From research to events, and masterclasses to a community forum, we’re giving back to our academic partners and working together to strengthen the field of admissions.

Alo Grant

An annual $100,000 grant aimed at accelerating new research that will strengthen admissions. The grant supports individuals or departments working in one of three streams: general admissions, the strategic use of Casper, and diversity and inclusion.

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Admissions Summit

An annual conference that brings together admissions professionals from around the world to connect with each other, exchange best practices, and apply their learnings back home to ultimately bring in the best students to their programs.

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Altus Academy

A free, online resource centre and gathering spot for the admissions community to connect, learn, and grow. Sign up for masterclasses, find best practices and other practical resources, stay up to date on original and third-party research, and network with the broader admissions community to share learnings.

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