Our Approach

At Altus Assessments, we strive to simplify the applicant assessment process, while simultaneously making it more effective.

We focus on high-throughput assessment methods to evaluate an applicant’s personal and professional characteristics. Current assessment methods for these traits are mostly unreliable and poor predictors of future success. In the medical profession alone, a lack of professionalism is a $50 billion (US) problem – accounting for 95% of complaints.

Our products are developed from over a decade’s worth of rigorous academic research on assessment methods for the personal characteristics critical to professional success. At Altus, we continue to refine our products every year with on-going research by top academics in the field. Our products have successively screened over 70,000 applicants since 2010, and we are on track to screen an additional 60,000 applicants in 2017 alone.

Our History

Positive personal characteristics and professionalism are vital to have in high-stake professions, yet they are also the hardest to measure.

When admission tools that assess our abilities are unreliable and delivered in a non-equitable manner, we cannot truly know how applicants are performing. This fails applicants, academic programs, and our society as a whole.

These assessment issues drove co-founders, Harold Reiter, MD MEd (co-creator of the MMI Interview) and Kelly Dore, PhD, internationally renowned researchers in admissions and assessment, to formulate a series of fair and effective methods of selection. Their assessment methods are now used in a variety of prestigious professional training programs.

They began by conducting rigorous research to identify important personality and behavioural traits. From there, they developed testing and assessment methodologies to assess an applicant’s suitability to professions that require a great deal of empathy and emotional maturity.

Altus Assessments now offers this research-backed testing (CASPer® in particular) to schools as a turnkey, cost-effective way to allow applicants with the difficult-to-teach soft skills to stand out from those who perform well on strictly academic measures. We are committed to developing less resource-intensive, robust, and holistic tools to better predict student success, so programs can focus on developing the next generation of high-performing professionals.

Executive Team


Rich Emrich

Rich is the founding CEO of Altus Assessments and a Biomedical Engineer by training. Rich has worked in systems engineering, project management, and sales in a wide variety of fields spanning radioactive drug manufacturing, optical networking, mass spectrometry and nanotechnology. Since 2013, Rich has helped startup companies improve strategy and sales penetration at the Ryerson University Digital Media Zone and the Hamilton based Innovation Factory.


Darryl Kraemer

Darryl is the Vice President of Sales of Altus Assessments and holds a B. Math from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. Darryl has worked for a variety of startups and large organizations over the past 16 years in the medical imaging, healthcare IT, and gesture control fields. Since 2014, Darryl has helped startup companies with their business development, sales, partnership, and go-to-market strategies at Velocity and Communitech REV in Kitchener-Waterloo.


Dr. Harold Reiter

Professor Harold Reiter completed his medical degree at the University of Toronto, his specialty training at Princess Margaret Hospital, and his Masters in Education at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Aside from his radiation oncology clinical practice, he was Chair of Admissions to Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University for nine years, and Assistant Dean, Director of the Program for Educational Research and Development at McMaster for four years. He is a co-creator of the Multiple Mini-Interview as well as CASPer, and continues as an active academic in the research and development of tools measuring personal and professional characteristics.

Dr. Kelly Dore

Dr. Kelly Dore, is an Assistant Professor and Senior Scientist in the Program for Educational Research and Development and the Departments of Medicine and Obs/Gyn. She also holds an affiliated appointment with the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Dr. Dore is the Director, Masters of Health Science Education Program.  Dr. Dore completed her PhD in Health Research Methodology with a focus on Health Professions Education Research and Cognitive Psychology.  She has held multiple grants from both the Medical Council of Canada and the National Board of Medical Examiners (Stemmler Grant) regarding personal and professional qualities. She is co-creator of CASPer and continues her research program at McMaster University focused on issues of assessment as well as professionalism.

Bernard Lim

Bernard is our Chair of the Board. After multiple leadership roles in corporate multinationals, Bernard founded a medical devices company and as CEO led its growth and subsequent sale to a global pharmaceutical. He continues to lead companies spanning biotech, diagnostics, medical devices and high technology across US, Canada, UK and Europe. Currently, in addition to Altus, Bernard is also Chair of the Board and CEO, Andersdx (UK), Board Director, Aventamed (Ireland) and Executive In Residence, Ontario Regional Innovation Centre (Canada).

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