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Introducing Snapshot

Snapshot is a brief video response tool that helps programs get a sense of an applicant’s communication and interpersonal skills before inviting them to a more in-depth interview. 

How it works

Applicants have roughly 10 minutes to complete Snapshot

All applicants record their answers to three standardized one-way questions

Applicants are probed on their motivation, career goals, and what they’re passionate about

Snapshot questions are intended to probe for verbal communication among other things, which complements the Casper test nicely

Easily review, assign scores, and leave comments on Snapshot responses through the portal (Altus Insights)

Invite other decision makers to Altus Insights to review responses

How schools can use Snapshot

Altus Insights account

Programs receive video recordings through their Altus Insights account where they assign, view, and rate all or a subset of applicants to inform who they bring to interview. Serving as a single point of access for an admissions team, Altus Insights offers advanced user management controls to support collaboration on these applicant reviews. Programs can use Snapshot responses to review applicants who weren’t able to complete an elective with their institution to level the playing field, a smaller number of applicants who are up for the last few interview spots, or applicants for whom programs have conflicting information and need an additional data point to support a final decision.

Want to learn how Snapshot can support your admissions process?

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