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What is Snapshot?

When you would like to get to know your applicants better before inviting them to an interview or are presented with conflicting information in their application, Snapshot can help.

This one-way video interview gives you an opportunity to learn more about your applicants’ communication skills, motivation and interest in the profession. We provide implicit bias training, a rating scale and rubric to help you and your team review applicant responses as objectively as possible.

How it works

Time to complete Snapshot

Applicants have roughly 10 minutes to complete Snapshot

Recording video interview responses

All applicants record their answers to three standardized one-way questions

Better understand an applicant through video interviews

Applicants are probed on their motivation, career goals, and what they’re passionate about

Selection made easier

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Screen applicants for non-cognitive competencies like ethics, empathy, and collaboration using Casper test scores.

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Evaluate applicants for “fit” by understanding how their values align with your program’s to help identify great applicants for interviews or offers.

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Preview a subset of your applicants’ communications skills before inviting them to interview or use Snapshot to help break a tie when deciding between those applicants you may be on the fence with for the last few spots in your program.

Each unique assessment focuses on different competencies and attributes, but they work together to paint a more complete picture of your applicants.

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Tying it all together with Altus Insights

Altus Insights home screen for assessments

Programs receive these one-way interview video recordings through their Altus Insights account where they assign, view, and rate all or a subset of applicants to inform who they bring to interview or select for final offers. Serving as a single point of access for an admissions team, Altus Insights offers advanced user management controls to support collaboration on these applicant reviews.

Your applicants benefit from Snapshot, too

Group of students talking about video interviews and assessements

Only takes about 15 minutes to complete

Less pressure than live interviews

Showcase their communication skills and motivation

Recording your Snapshot responses

3 standardized questions with 2-minute long video responses


Multiple reviewers (up to 2 can be assigned per applicant)

One score when the video Snapshot is completed

1 score per applicant (average of all responses and reviews)

Comment and rating video interview responses

Rating scale, comment field, and rubric provided

Training and learning about Snapshot

Reviewer training provided, including Implicit bias training

Sort, search and export scores to better understand video interview responses and applicants

Search, filter and export functionality

Read more about video

Why use Snapshot as part of Altus Suite?

Each assessment works together to form a complete picture of applicants

Each assessment works seamlessly together

Validate your decisions with evidence-based assessments

Validate your decisions with evidence-based assessments

Understand insights and data from applicants

Understand the data with Altus Insights

Ready to learn how Altus Suite can help improve your admissions process?

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