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Selection made easier with a complete picture of your applicants

Working together for selection

Assessments work together seamlessly

Each unique assessment focuses on different competencies and attributes, but they work together to paint a more complete picture of your applicants.

Validate your decisions

Built on years of research, these standardized assessments provide you with peace of mind when making decisions.

Understand the data

All assessment data is tied together in one place for easy review and analysis so you can make informed decisions.

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Screen applicants for non-cognitive competencies like ethics, empathy, and collaboration using Casper test scores.

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Evaluate applicants for ‘fit’ by understanding how their values align with your program’s to help identify great applicants for interviews or offers.

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Further probe applicants’ communication skills and motivation with a short video-response tool when you need an additional data point or a tie-breaker.

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Altus Insights

Tie together all the assessments and data points in one place to make informed decisions.

Getting to know our assessments

Applicant taking the Casper assessment

Casper | SJT that evaluates 10 constructs

Casper is an online, open-response situational judgement test that evaluates what an applicant would do in a tough situation and, more importantly, why. Backed by over 15 years of research, Casper is much more reliable than other non-cognitive measures typically used by admissions teams. Learn more

The Casper test, part of Altus Suite measures 10 competencies

Measures 10 non-cognitive competencies

Casper is rated by highly trained humans

Responses rated by a highly trained and diverse group of people

Casper test scores come to programs as a single z-score

Programs given a single z-score and percentile for each applicant

Duet | Value-alignment assessment

“Fit” is a critical component in selection, but it’s often assessed in a way that risks bias. Available to US graduate medical programs, and on a pilot basis for US undergraduate medical programs, Duet provides a standardized and objective way to find applicants whose values in a program more closely align with their own. Learn more

Duet assesses fit for an applicant into a program. This is a vale-align assessment.

Duet measures fit between applicant and program

Standardized measure of “fit” between applicants and programs

Programs create their profile to match to the right applicants

Unique program profile developed by your key stakeholders

Duet is an evidence based assessment for fit.

Built on evidence (modified Delphi and literature review)

An applicant taking Snapshot, a one-way video interview.

Snapshot | One-way asynchronous interview

Snapshot is a video-response tool that helps you get to know your applicants better by probing their motivation, interest in the profession, and their communication skills. Learn more

Applicants respond to 3 question on video.

3 standardized questions with 2 mins to record responses

Each applicant receives an average score from all Snapshot reviewers

1 score per applicant (average of all reviewers)

Implicit bias training for program reviewers

Implicit bias training and scoring guide included to help you review applicants objectively

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Working with Altus

Work with Altus Assessments

When you adopt Altus Suite, you get more than just a product. Because the decisions you make are so high-stakes, we work alongside you so you get the most out of our assessments.

When you work with us, you get a dedicated Customer Success Manager

You’ll have a dedicated customer success manager to onboard your team and provide support throughout your admissions cycle whenever you need.

Research opportunities with Altus Suite are infinite

Interested in research on these assessments? Our research team can work with you to explore outcomes of using our assessments in your program, applicant demographics, and more.


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We give back to the admissions community:

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Admissions Summit

An annual conference that brings together the world’s best to address applicant recruitment and selection

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Altus Academy

A free online resource centre and gathering spot for the admissions community to connect and learn

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Alo Grant

An annual $100,000 research grant to strengthen admissions practices

Your applicants benefit from Altus, too

Growth of your data and insights into applicants

“I think it is a well rounded form of testing the candidate on a personal level.”

Perfect pair, Altus Suite and your program. Like coffee and iced coffee

“I do think if this brings programs to focus more holistically on applicants beyond just grades then it is worth it.”

“I enjoyed the experience and think it will help programs understand applicants from a very different perspective.”

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