Altus Suite

Altus Suite
for Medical Programmes

Academic programmes have many tools available to assess applicants’ cognitive skills, but today’s admissions process needs to be more holistic. Altus Suite is here to help, with a powerful situational judgment test (Casper) for measuring social intelligence and professionalism, and an admissions data platform (Altus Insights) to help you make decisions with confidence.

Let’s address the challenges in admissions together.

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Screen applicants for professionalism and social intelligence using Casper test scores. Learn more

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Altus Insights

Tie together the data points in one place to make informed decisions at multiple points throughout your process

Next stop for Casper: HEE pilot

This winter, we’ll be running a pilot of Casper in the UK between October 2021 to January 2022 with 5 medical schools, in conjunction with Health Education England. To learn more, or become part of the pilot, contact us at

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